Image courtesy of CEPA & Big Orbit Gallery from "Death Drives a Dragster"

Homo Homini Lupus

“…men are not gentle, friendly creatures wishing for love, who simply defend themselves if they are attacked, but that a powerful measure of desire for aggression has to be reckoned as part of their instinctual endowment. The result is that their neighbor is to them not only a possible helper or sexual object, but also a temptation to them to gratify their aggressiveness on him, to exploit his capacity for work without recompense, to use him sexually without his consent, to seize his possessions, to humiliate him, to cause him pain, to torture and to kill him. Homo homini lupus (man is the wolf to man… “)
- Sigmund Freud, “Civilization and Its Discontents” (1930 AD)

Mark uses his performances, photography, sculpture, drawing and painting to talk about social conflicts and personal issues.